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Classic: The Ol' Screaming Devil Baby In A Stroller Prank


This is a viral ad from Thinkmodo (of angry telekinetic girl in a coffee shop fame) for the upcoming movie I've never heard of 'Devil's Due'. The prank features a robotic devil baby in a remote controlled stroller. Basically, whenever anybody nears the stroller the baby pops out of the blankets, screaming and spewing vomit. If it had happened to me I would have yelled. Yelled, then waited for whoever was responsible to show up and kick their f***ing ass.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Todd M, who can't believe nobody kicked the stroller.

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  • YipYap

    Hilarious. Loved it. I want one.

  • Phillip Gockel

    Dat uncanny valley...

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