Balls Of Steel -- Or Feathers?: Insane Ruskie One-Hand Hanging Off The Tops Of Buildings, Cranes, Bridges

January 24, 2014


My hands are sweaty right now. There is literally sweat dripping onto my keyboard. "You masturbating?" Not right now, no. I meant because I just watched this video. This is a compilation of some crazy Ruskie hanging off the top of things by his fingertips -- sometimes one-handed. Plus he does pull-ups. Other times he walks across cranes barefooted. Or hangs from the back of a speeding train. If you're holding the camera for this guy and he falls, what do you do? Smash the camera and wipe your prints? Because that's what I would do. There's just no explaining this to the police. No officer, I swear, he was just hanging from the bridge while I filmed -- that was like, his thing. He wanted to join the circus.

Keep going for a video of the anxiety attack.

Thanks to EG, who agrees if you have to hang from skyscrapers one handed just to get your kicks, it might be safer to start experimenting with drugs.

  • iofo61

    And we almost lost the Cold War to these guys?

  • Absolutely terrifying just to watch.

  • spacezerom

    my friend brian would do stuff like this on time we got to see him break his ankle while we were tripping, it was insane

  • The Teapot

    Doesn't seem so much balls of steel as head of rocks.

  • Prometheus

    I now look forward to finding an article "Russian man falls off radio tower"

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Next week on Geekologie: One-Hand Hanging Bloopers!

  • Xankar

    More like balls of stupidity

  • Richelle Howes

    That's a whole hell of a lot of NOPE

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