Squishy Forts: Modular Pillow Fort Construction Kits

December 12, 2013


Forts, not farts. Squishy farts are totally different and, at least in my experience, often result in running to the bathroom to check your underwear.

These (the blue pieces) are Squishy Forts, modular pillow fort construction kits designed by Ross Currie (and not Marie Curie, who I heard could glow in the dark). They come in column and wall pieces and connect to each other via embedded magnets. You and I? You and I connect to each other via shared interests. What do you like? "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Yeah I'm not into that, what else? "Pogs." Jesus, is it 1992? Just say video games. "Video games." See? I love video games. We're practically BFFs, if BFFs hated each other and spent all their spare time fantasizing about killing the other one. Squishy Fort kits start at $135 for a 6-column 4-wall 'basic set'. Alternatively, do what I did and go to the thrift store and buy all their couch cushions. Now I have pillow fort bugs.

Keep going for a couple more shots and the Kickstarter video.



Thanks to Ross, the man behind the forts, for daring to be a kid again.

  • ntgCleaner

    Talk to me when you've discovered a way to build an add-on closet in my house included for the same price. Where the hell do you expect me to store all of that when they get bored after 10 minutes? At least you can break down a cardboard box and throw it in a dumpster.

  • Tim Cole

    it gets packed into a square bag so you can use it as a foot stool, check out the link man he posted!

  • zatoichi
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