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Santa Sculpted In The Likeness Of Jabba The Hutt


This is Santa the Hutt, a sculpture created for clothing retailer Betabrand by artist Cianna Valley and on display at their San Francisco store. You can go get your picture taken with him. Bring the kids! Make them cry. It's the perfect opportunity to give them the diabetes talk. "What's the diabetes talk?" No clue. What I do know is Santa needs to lay off the cookies. *eying picture* And elves.

Keep going for a closeup of the importance of brushing and flossing and a couple getting their picture taken with the monster.



There are Comments.
  • dougfunnay

    too many belly rolls

  • If you're naughty this is the Santa that comes down your chimney.

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    he'll come in your chimney alright

  • Yay.

  • Edgar Suarez

    That guy is touching Santa-Jabba like they're having a kid together.

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