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Impressive Batman Graffiti Found In Abandoned Building


This is the series of Batman graffiti that Redditor sneakylawyer (aren't they all?) found while "urban exploring" (read: smoking weed in abandoned buildings) around Belgium. Apparently all the murals were painted by a guy named Pete. Although I suppose we can't rule out the possibility they were painted by somebody else who just signed the name Pete to throw us off his trail. I do that sometimes. Like when an apartment neighbor's music is too loud I'll usually write a real passive-aggressive note then tape it to their door signed with the name and apartment number of the person who lives on the other side of them. Plus sometimes I'll fill a Ziplock bag with flour then push it half under their door in the middle of the night and stomp it.

Keep going for the actual paintings.







Thanks to Todd, who wishes he had an abandoned building nearby to practice his graffiti in. Me? I want a pottery wheel.

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  • SteveG
  • Elak Swindell

    OMG! This guy needs to get into the comic business. He is majorly
    talented.. This isn't graffiti, it's pure art.

  • Hollister Dixon

    Graffiti artists regularly move onto doing commissioned work.

    Like this one:

    Done by Shepherd Fairey.

    Give the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop a watch. It's silly a lot of the time, but it's a nice look into the world of street art.

  • chris

    Graffiti is art!

    That drivel you see on the sides of some buildings with some kids gang name is not graffiti, it's called tagging. There is a difference

    R.I.P. 5Pointz

  • Forodrim

    It is not uncommon to find good graffiti in abandoned buildings. I have found plenty of them. I think in those building the artists have the time to create stuff like that. If they try to do this in public the police will be there before they can finish their painting

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Sometimes people hire artists to do graffiti.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    So the artist never took pictures to brag on the internet before? Either sneakylawyer is the artist or we have an autistic genius on our hands!

  • Guest

    You could of gone with "humble" or someone that doesn't give a $hit about bragging on the net. :\

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Yes, but then my comment wouldn't be funny or worth responding to...

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