Greetings From My Spirit Quest

December 30, 2013


So I was going to write today but instead I've decided to drive out into the desert on a quest to discover my spirit animal. I've got my fingers crossed for an owl, but I'll probably get a cactus. A real penis-y looking one. I need to cleanse my soul. Plus forget all the horrible things you've said about me in the past year so I don't throw myself into the Grand Canyon in the most depressing photobomb of all time. I'll do some light blogging through the new year (hopefully my rental car comes with free Wi-Fi) and get back to full blast by the end of the week, when I will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and fly straight into your car's windshield. Come soar with me?

  • it is very nice, it was a great moment. congratulate the author.

  • Midnight


  • insipid2000

    God Speed :')

  • orangechickhen

    well GW hope you find dat owl! Love your witty and hilarious posts may 2014 bring many more pun things

  • Will A Singer

    I'm a Native American GW and I think every race or creed should have a spirit animal, All the best to you man in the new year. Take it easy on the peyote though you might not come back from the spirit world.

  • insipid2000

    HAHAHA. Greetings from Northren Canada im a Cree myself (:

  • Dillon Beard


  • face


  • Curtis Ideation


  • Major Lee Gassole

    Your writing keeps me coming back every day. Happy New Year and thanks you for the awesome site!

  • Kaylee Goldhamms

    My spirit animal is doggie

  • crisimikiwiki

    i think your spirit animal is a dung beetle. Not because I don't like you, but because you love good shit, and you know how to roll. Happy new year you massive bastard. x

  • Trig

    Much love to the Geek! Happy new year! X

  • I fucking adore your comments on the awesome postage here, your humour intimidates me and makes me feel like Im not funny! I love it! I hope you have an epic quest and come back with even more wit and wonder. Big Love TDI

  • Guest

    You, an owl? Nah... I think you would better as the Phteven Dog!

  • kristopher

    Your spirit animal is a velociraptor.........from JP3, not entertaining anyone.

  • cabbo

    Frape? GWape? I don't even.

  • Carter Adams

    If you're not Native American, you shouldn't be using the term "spirit animal." Cultural appropriation is not an admirable thing, GW.

  • McDee

    Don't worry so much about race.

  • Matt

    good for you! you find your spirit animal!

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