Livestream Of BatKid Saving San Francisco Right Now

November 15, 2013


This is the Livestream of BatKid saving San Francisco. It is probably the most important thing you will watch all day. I just saw him have a burger for lunch, now he's heading into Macy's to do something. Probably to kick some villain ass, but maybe to do a little pant shopping.

Hit the jump for the livestream, worthwhile photo documentation of the day so far HERE.

Thanks to Al3xtec, Lizzy, ramo and Terrance, who have hearts of gold and all other organs of diamond and silver.

  • Junaid Marmeladov

    Some NBC cunt just told me, "this content is currently unavailable." Not cool...

  • Marcel de Graaf

    This content is currently not available... great.

  • americanvirus

    Does this kid have cancer? I feel like this kid has cancer.

  • Right in the feels.

  • Lee
  • Thinger

    It'd be nice if all of the reporters would quit badgering him.

  • BMF

    I clicked to watch the live stream and all I got was this ringing in my ears...

  • Matt Smith

    You watch with your eyes not your ears. There is a volume button you know?

  • k man

    that was nice but they did not have to make it into a spectator show were they spent most of time waiting for the cops to calm down the crowd and camera men. I hope the kid had fun tho.

  • Matt Smith

    The spectator show is half the fun. The kid is probably filling like God right now with the crowds yelling and cheering him on.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Bingo. This kid probably had the greatest day of any of our lives.

  • steve holt

    better than all the Christopher Nolan movies combined.

  • BMF

    Go home, you're drunk.

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