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Saving Nuts: Squirrel Reimagined As Superheroes


This is a series of digital paintings by DeviantARTist Santiago-Perez reimagining a squirrel as a bunch of different superheroes (plus some video game and movie characters). You know, I had a staring contest with a squirrel once. Those f***ers almost never blink. Little bastard won almost an entire piece of bread from me. "Wait -- you were betting with a squirrel?" Well it definitely wasn't a chipmunk.

Keep going for a bunch more.


Thanks to my buddy Terry, who has to go to a wedding this weekend instead of NY Comic-Con but he bought a ticket to the convention before he knew that and I've been reminding him about it every day this week to make him sad. Terry's sadness brings me great joy.

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  • dx_xb

    May just be my black, cynical heart speaking but why is this interesting?

  • Fercho

    LOL Catwoman is nightmarishly accurate xD

  • DeviledeEgg


  • Matty Spinny

    love squirrels

  • OrehRatiug

    Link is left handed. This squirrel is an imposter.

    Also Squirrel Girl showed up way to far down the list.

  • Guest

    Dogs beware!

  • Why. Why. Why.

  • JSiN-802

    Terrys friend Jason supports GW's sentiment. We're going to have the best time ever..... without you!!

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