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Morning Molecules: 3-D Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug


This is the the ceramic Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug available from Shapeways user joabaldwin. It's a 7-ounce coffee mug with a 3-D caffeine molecule surrounding it. They're available in a handful of colors and cost $99 apiece. *spit-take* $99 for a coffee mug?! "Your spit smells like bourbon." You shut your mouth. You can also get an espresso sized cup for $48. Insanely expensive mugs aside, caffeine really is the most important molecule of the morning. It's actually good for you. I'm not sure about physically, but it does get you to work on time so you don't get fired, and that's definitely good for you.

Keep going for a couple more pics, including a shot of the espresso(!).



Thanks to me, for having the strength to switch to coffee after years of huffing glue in the morning.

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  • Salvador Jimenez

    you are so funny!!


    Yeah. That's obviously going to be great to drink from.

  • Alec Aaron Roberts


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