Bill Nye Tore 80% Of Quadricep, Still Performed Robot Dance, Got The Boot From Dancing With The Stars

October 1, 2013


Apparently everybody's favorite science guy Bill Nye tore 80% of his quadricep last week and was advised to not dance this week on Dancing With the Stars but performed this Daft Punk inspired number anyways. He and his partner got the boot afterwards. 80% of a quadricep, good lord. That's like, 3/4 of the muscle. "Try 4/5ths." Don't you try to out-math me. Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of the United States. "What are you doing?" Social-studying the shit out of you! But seriously, 80%? I'm surprised he can even stand. Because one time I got a paper cut between my thumb and index finger and called out of work for a week. At any rate, with Bill off the show now, he can go back to doing something that actually matters. Basically absolutely anything besides being on Dancing With The Stars, but hopefully science.

Hit the jump for the video, or don't, it's kind of sad and I couldn't tell if Bill's expression the whole time because he was trying to get into his robot character or he's so hopped up on pain pills he thought he was in the Matrix.

Thanks to lilco and Georgia, who agree Bill should have applied way more of his biology and physics knowledge to his dance routines.

  • wowemily

    This is basically porn. I mean, who is actually looking at robot dude. Yes, I know he's "famous" and a nerd-god or whatever, but that lady has a fine body. They should have just had her dance and had him lie down on the floor and look up her skirt the whole time. I would have voted for that!

  • If you think this is "basically porn," there is a vast new section of the internet I can introduce you to called "actually porn."

  • lorrrd

    #yeah kinda porn ! one of the ladies was more right than the other ; ) ... maybe conditioned gynophobic nerd-boys are looking to the old funny fart > but that does not means less "porn" !

  • wowemily

    Use the force, Luke. Let go ... In other words: Trust me. This is porn.
    I guess you missed the PARTS where she kicks her leg up and shows her panties to the camera.

  • You're confusing "erotica" for "porn."

  • ODwanKenObi

    It's called Dancing. Who are you? The old preacher from Footloose?

  • wowemily

    Let me explain something. If you go to a club with a girl and she starts dancing with you in a way that she keeps kicking up her legs front and side to show you the crotch of her panties ..... Thus, this is porn. I didn't say it was the sex scene in a porn, but it is reminiscent of the opening scenes of porn. You've just been conditioned to think this is dancing (probably because of the packaging of it).
    In other words, if you walked into a club and your girlfriend was there, and she was dancing with a guy this way, what would you think?
    I'm not judging porn, and I would never watch Footloose (because it sucks). But I do think it's laughable and hypocritical how far "wholesome" entertainment will go these days. If a girl actually danced like this at a club in Manhattan (where I've lived and danced for a decade), she would be kicked out.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Let me explain to you that people do not dance this way in "The Club". If a girl was dancing like this in a club she would be getting a job on Dancing with the Stars. These are choreographed dances that take thought and energy to produce by trained professionals that are at the top of their game. Not some Miley Cyrus bumping and grinding and sticking her tongue out on stage for ratings. Take your blinders off old preacher from Footloose.

  • wowemily

    Trust me. You're the one that's blind. You think this is art? If a trained professional pisses on your sandwich, is it still gourmet? This is about making money--for the dancer, for the nerd, and for the network. It is not art. It is whoring art and shaking that money maker. Therefore, it is no different than porn. The fact that you actually watch and "defend" this crap makes you more like the preacher from Footloose than you even know.
    Again, I'm not saying porn is bad. I am just saying that this is porn.

  • JoePhillips

    so you think a beach is a porn set? are underwear ads porn?
    I guess Victoria secret is a porn shop right?

    jesus you are so delusional and ridiculous If I Didn't know better I would say you were trolling.
    your world is so small I can hold it in my hand. your views are so closed minded... lol this has to be the best troll ever

  • wowemily

    Apples and oranges. Perhaps they taste the same to you.
    Porn is overt sexuality. This "dance" is overt sexuality. The beach and a lingerie store don't even come close. The real question is, why do you push porn so far down to lift this up so high. They are basically the same. Sorry, to rock your world with this obvious equivalence. The truth is, the word porn hits your brain in a different way than the word dance does, but if you watch the first few minutes of a porn, this is basically what will you see. Reality meet brain.
    Don't get frustrated at me because you've been brainwashed by the idiot box. Why is the dancer they selected so attractive (she's awesome)? Why is she wearing a crotchless skirt? Why does she show her panties off over and over? Why does the nerd stand there like he has a boner and is afraid to move. :)
    Think ...
    Eyeballs = ratings = profit.

  • WACOMalt

    I wanted to see the judging at the end. Just so I could hate the judges, and love Bill even more for always being a good (in this case GREAT) sport. What a guy,

  • mvious

    They actually werent hating on him. They were proud that he was dancing for her and out there trying.

  • Shane Anderson

    When I was a kid, I wanted to learn how to do the thriller dance so I could just bust it out when I wanted it.

    I should have learned how to do the Nye instead.

  • And now that he's gone, their ratings will drop next week by 80%.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I have to say that was pure awesome. Bill was a true bad@ss to get out there and put something together for his fans despite the fact that his quad was ripped to shreds. This was my favorite dance all season.

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