YOU FOOLS: Watch Mall-Goers Ooh And Aah Over Star Trek Teleportation Illusion

September 12, 2013


This is a video from a British shopping mall of a bunch of people losing their minds after watching someone climb into a Star Trek teleporter and magically get beamed a couple stores away. The stunt was organized by movie streaming service Blinkbox (of Game of Thrones dragon skeleton fame) to advertise the availability of 'Star Trek Into Darkness'. How did they make the illusion work? SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: using twins. Shocking. And to see all those people freaking out like people were actually getting zapped across the mall. Hopefully they remembered to let the twin out of the box afterwards though, because it would suck to die in there. It would also suck to be stuck at the mall in a group of jaw-dropping idiots, which is why I would have yelled 'HOLY SHIT IT'S A BOMB!' and dove into a bin of Victoria's Secret thongs.

Hit the jump for the video.

  • Actionbastard


  • Buli Basa

    Teleporting is a very interesting and promising technology. It is an amazingly huge step for the progress of humankind we achieved already, even though right now it only works if you have a twin sibling.

  • Girgear

    The Prestige

  • Guest

    Christian #1 -- sleeves scrunched up to elbows. Christian #2 -- sleeves down. Christian #3 -- sleeves scrunched up.

  • ODwanKenObi

    thats a pretty common phenomenon with teleportation.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    That's one red-shirt I'd want on my away team.

  • ED

    The girl in red is model/presenter Naomi Kyle. You're welcome :)

  • kristopher

    Yes, the best set of twins on this whole video.

  • gripper

    This video has too thoroughly little of the chick in the red uniform.

  • WhiteEagle2

    I like how all the people that got teleported are just like, "Whatever, carrying on with my day."

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Heh, I was about to submit this tip. Yeah, I was thinking plants with twins.

    Cool trick bro.

  • MissySmith

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