Two Face: A Half Traditional, Half Batman Wedding Cake

September 26, 2013


This is the half regular looking, half Batman themed wedding cake prepared by Stiletto Studio of New Zealand. It's the perfect dichotomy because like, by day Bruce Wayne is a seemingly normal (albeit filthy rich and scarred for life from watching his parents die) dude, but by night he's a mask avenger. I think the cake is also a beautiful reminder that successful relationships are all about COMPROMISE. The more you're willing to give up for the person you love, the more your relationship will flourish -- like a flower. You are the roots and stalk, and your significant other, they're the actual rose bud. And if you can go without water or sun or fertilizer and still give them what they need to bloom, well, that's what relationships are all about -- suffering to make the other person happy. Oh, no, a lot of people in the audience are shaking their heads. Well that wraps up this week's seminar, join me next week when we discuss how having sex in elevators and drive-through car washes can reignite the passion in your relationship.

Thanks to lilco and Stiletto Studio, who encourage you all to eat more cake and less regular ass bread.

  • gripper

    Remember when people were normal, and didn't feel the need to do silly shit like get a batman two faced cake for one of the most important days in their lives?

    Me too.

  • Superior_Joe

    Yeah, I remember when everyone marched in lockstep and was terrified to deviate from the norms learned from magazine advertisements.

    What about it?

  • wow, thats a seriously cool wedding cake!

  • I'm stealing this idea! Except my half will be darkwing duck!

  • Lee

    Put it on a lazy susan and 'everybody wins!'

    Family Pictures = Traditional white side
    Friends Pictures = Half Side to show off its coolness
    People who 'forgot' gifts = Batman Side (You'll be watching them!)

  • gon

    needs more jpeg.

  • HoneyBeeBoo

    ....Cause this is the cake they want, not the cake they need.

  • CarryThomas

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