Real-Life 'IT' Clown Stalking Northampton's Streets

September 17, 2013


Apparently some nutcase has been dressing up like Pennywise, the terrifying clown from Stephen King's 'IT', and posing for pictures/staring at people around Northampton, England. I would scream. I would scream like a little girl and run, I don't care how hard I was trying to impress a date.

The identity of said clown has become something of an obsession on Twitter, with the hashtag #northamptonclown used to speculate on the reasons for his weird existence. The Northampton Herald initially reported that he knocked on someone's door and offered to paint their window sills despite having no painting equipment with him, a story the clown later refuted on his Facebook page. Which he apparently runs himself.

"Too much hate not enough love," the clown wrote in response to all the terrified comments left on the page. "No, i don't have a knife on me!, that's just stupid rumours spread by stupid people."

Some are saying the clown should pack it in, that his antics (which seem to involve just staring) have gone beyond a joke. Others are saying he's harmless, and simply trying to bring a bit of joy to the residents of Northampton.

"If what I am doing does get too much for people," wrote the clown, "I will have to stop."

I think the scariest thing is how nice he is about the whole thing. It's like, if you have a creepy looking clown who's purposefully acting scary, that's one thing -- that's what you expect. But if you have a creepy looking clown who's being nice, that's when you know you're dealing with a real psychopath. Good luck with that, Northampton.

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Thanks to Chris and ChaosLex, who want to stalk their towns dressed as My Little Ponies.

  • Serilda
  • PrestigeJohnson

    One if the most disturbing aspects is that he's carrying around deflated balloons. He started out with full balloons, standing around on the sidewalk waiving at people and now he's hanging out on dark streetcorners holding deflated balloons. I dunno man, something about that seems deeply symbolic and twisted, like he's going to keep the creep parade going in defiance of all logic or natural law.

  • qwert`

    Its no mystery. europe does this sort of shit all the time. its some kind of unemployment begging thing, like the obnoxious as hell "subway singers" here in america. theres crazy joblessness rates there right now. combine that with insane tax rates and money heavy tourists and the more honest of the two results you get is costume rentals who hold very still and asking tourists to take their character's picture for money. Went to italy once(Spread across a few cities, it was one of those train tour things. but they were on half the "touristy" street corners with a tip hat on the ground and a sign with the cost of pictures proped against it), I saw 2 doc browns half a dosen gladiators or roman soldiers, a couple silver dudes, ronald mcdonald for some reason, a cowboy posed stage fighting a ninja, elmo, 3 cleopatra human statues, a different cowboy, a "traditional begger costume" a "gypsy" costume, a pretty well done copy of a nearby fountain with props and a painted guy, a mime, (not including dozens of bizarrely consistently packastani 20 yearolds selling the exact same squishy pig toys and the actual gypsies who somehow stole my wallet out of my man-bra type thing(it was supposed to prevent that) because they weren't in costume. actually maybe the pickpocket was I didn't see them)....


    The guy is neither a busker or a beggar. This comment just reads like someone with nothing to say trying to say something for the sake of having something to say.

    Noise, basically.

  • Closet Nerd

    Just do what i do.... store your money in your grundle

  • Closet Nerd

    “We all float down here!”

  • FetidSirDidymus

    "And George saw the clown’s face change.
    What he saw then was terrible enough to make his worst imaginings of the thing in the cellar look like sweet dreams; what he saw destroyed his sanity in one clawing stroke."

  • Guest

    "That is, if its mass per unit of volume is equal to or lighter than that of water."

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