Pop-Art In Space: Satellite Being Launched With Alien-Friendly 'Celestial Charging Station' Graphics

September 10, 2013


When the UKube-1 breadbox-sized satellite is launched into orbit this December, it won't just be carrying instruments to measure radiation and space weather. No, it's going to be rocking custom Celestial Charging Station graphics that invite space travelers low on power to stick their dongles into one of its power ports and recharge. Just so we're clear, it's just art -- there aren't actually any power ports. It's like a gas station that advertises clean bathrooms. The graphics were designed by artists Jon Gibson and Amanda White of Los Angeles's iam8bit gallery, and herald a new age in space-art. Me? I've always dreamed of having of my finger paintings hanging on a fridge on the moon.

UKube-1 is the UK Space Agency's first CubeSat mission and is being fully assembled by Scottish satellite company ClydeSpace.

Glasgow-based Clyde Space have been helping to lead a revolution in satellite technology, where now less is more and cheap " nanosatellites" are being seen as money efficient ways of testing equipment and doing valuable science in orbit.

"[Nanosatellites] open the door to do lots of different things in space," says Clyde Space CEO Craig Clark. "Within five years I'd like to be making 100 nanosatellites a year [here in Scotland]".

When reached for comment, one space alien who was struggling to find a power port to connect to on the satellite had this to say, "Good one, earthlings. Nuking your planet." I say go for it you little green slime turd. "I was joking." I SAID PUSH THE DEATH-RAY BUTTON, SISSY.

Hit the jump for a close-up and a shot of how big the satellite really is (I told you, it's a breadbox), as well as a video of what the thing is gonna look like floating in space.



Thanks Jon, and I'm really going to come visit the gallery sometime soon I swear.

  • JJtoob

    Maybe this will enrage an alien species and we'll be eradicated for being trolls.

  • What in the absolute fuck are people wasting their time on now? Who pays for this shit? For chrissake, feed someone. Less maybe more but none is still none people.

    Throwing useless "art" into space. I... just... uhgg.

  • catallergy

    Geez, someone was born without a sense of humor. It's meant to be a joke. Like if NASA had painted "We Come in Peace" on the side of the rover. Try and have fun with life instead of taking everything so seriously.

  • monkeyspinach

    We have a space agency?!

  • Shawn Bibby

    So theyre gunna see it, come to recharge and realize its only a foany and give up on humanity!!!!! Crap! Haha

  • Oh, thank zorp, I found a recharge station. My flopflop was totally about to die... what the... where do I put my dongle? Is this some kind of joke? ARM THE ZORPFLOP TORPEDOES!

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