Lofty Goals: Bill Nye Wants To Change The World Video

September 4, 2013


This is a short video of Bill Nye discussing his Science Guy show (which will celebrate its 20th anniversary on September 10th -- what have I done with my life?), climate change, and his method of teaching and influencing science. It's worth a watch, particularly if you like Bill. If you don't like Bill, well, you're probably a hater. Even if you refuse to believe in climate change you can't deny the man looks good in a bow tie and has aged the way most fine wines only dream of. "Sounds like somebody has a crush." Shut up! Shut up or I'll tell everybody you have hair on your wiener!

UPDATE: It was also just announced Bill is also going to be on this season's Dancing With The Stars in an attempt to spread his science knowledge to the world's soccer moms.

Hit the jump for the video of the uncle everybody wishes they had.

Thanks to PYY, who loves science and encourages all young people to consider a career in one of the sciences and not pop music.

  • Rick Thomas

    too bad he's been manipulated to support climate change politics

  • Michael Jones

    Starring as HP Lovecraft....... Bill Nye!

  • Bow ties are cool.

  • JJtoob

    Knowing him, he's also going to try to get rid of all religions. That's going to be a toughie.

  • baal

    but necessary - religions teach totally crappy thinking

  • Apok

    It isn't necessarily as true for all religions, for me the underlying psychology is in some cases exclusive to the point of prejudice. Christianity, Islam and Judaism (the ones that bought us the ongoing holy war after 7 thousand odd years of relative religious peace) teach this dangerous; we right, you're evil and should be set on fire approach, while something like the equally wrong Sikhism teaches acceptance regardless. In a utopia there could be no religion.

  • I don't 'hate' Bill for his campaign to educate people on the reality of Climate Change. I do find reprehensible how uneducated he himself is when it comes to subjects like the UFO phenomenon.

  • catallergy

    He's a man of science, and science relies on actual evidence. Not just wishful thinking, or things that can be explained very simply as hoaxes.

  • When you take out the misidentifications of common phenomena & secret aircraft, and weed out the hoaxes, you are still left with 5-10% of truly unknowns. Which is to say cases where there was plenty of information & evidence gathered, and would still escape conventional explanations.

    Even the Condon report commented on a few cases for which there was no immediate explanation. Example: The McMinnville UFO photographs.

  • Vladeon

    You can't blame a man of science for being uneducated in things that are generally considered pseudo-scientific at the very least and ridiculous at it's harshest. Would you say the same thing about Stephen Hawking if he didn't believe anything about UFOs? And I use the word "believe" deliberately because there is nothing of substance actually known about UFOs.

  • Yes I would (and do) say the same thing about Stephen Hawking, Neal deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan & all the people who easily dismiss the evidence --which I don't consider definitive proof, mind you-- that has been gathered for decades substantiating the reality of the phenomenon. Case in point: The COMETA report, elaborated by a group of retired military officers & scientists acting as consultants to the French government.

    For me it's a terrible dichotomy to see these promoters of critical thinking not applying the same criticism to their bias toward the phenomenon.

    The only honorary exception is Michio Kaku, who does not dismiss UFOs out of hand.

  • ahebert

    Listen to the Podcast Skeptoid if you're looking for a real critical approach to all kinds of pseudo-scientific topics.

  • Likewise I'd recommend you listening to the podcast Skeptiko, for a real critical approach to all kinds of pseudo-skeptic shenanigans ;)

  • Sounds like somebody's been probed one too many times...

  • It gets easier after a while ;)

    BTW do you happen to know where that meme comes from, or are you just repeating what pop culture tells you?

  • Both. Just googled it, but I read Communion when I was in high school.

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