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Color Me Impressed: Sick-Ass Magneto Side Piece Tattoo


This is Redditor KevvCo's new Magneto side piece. It was inked by Jose Camarillo at All Hope Aside Tattoo in Federal Way, Washington and is a reproduction of Mike Deodato Jr.'s cover art from the New Avengers Vol 1, #20. It's pretty badass, I only wish they'd been able to incorporate dude's nipple. I dunno, maybe move the whole thing over a bit and make it one of Magneto's eyeballs. Oh shit -- or coming out of his mouth. Man, sometimes I wish I could breathe nipples.

Thanks to Alex, who's saving up for a Wolverine stab wound tattoo.

There are Comments.
  • iofo61

    Why does side piece not mean what I think it means?

  • Mario

    You Americans and your armpit hair.. ew!

  • Braydon Weaver

    As a super-fan of tattoos, and an admirer of comic books, this really is cool! It's an awesome adaptation of the cover, and I'm kind of surprised it transposed so well onto a side!

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