Canadian Mint's 75th Anniversary Superman Coins

September 10, 2013


The Royal Canadian Mint is releasing a series of seven different Superman coins to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the franchise. Most range in price from $30 - $130, but there's also a $750 gold one. I just ordered the whole set using my roommate's credit card and if you snitch I'm going to tell him it was all your idea. I don't even care that they all feature Queen Elizabeth II's face on the back. Sure Lois Lane would have been preferable, but I kind of like older women. How old is Queen Elizabeth anyways? "Almost 400." Like a fine wine.

Hit the jump to see them all, the one that's side-by-side is the $30 lenticular one that shows a different image when you look at from different angles.







Thanks to Michael and len, who always keep a lucky coin in their pockets for scratching lotto scratchers.

  • Very nice coin.

  • Michael and Len who what?!?!?!? The suspense is killing me? WHAT DO THEY DO!?!?!?

  • bgrdownvoter

    Will these be minted in colour like that? If so, damn...I want.

  • Guest

    He looks more alien in the first coin, especially with his face.

  • polymarken

    20 dollar coin?

  • $18889437

    Must have... This is Canada's way of reminding us that Siegel and Shuster were from Canada...

  • Spartikiss

    Siegel was from Ohio

    Shuster was from Canada

  • $18889437

    Yeah well we're all descended from Africa... So superman really belongs to Africa. Check and mate.

  • vadersapp

    "we're all descended from Africa..."
    I'm actually from the continent Lurvan on Krypton, so....

  • Spartikiss


  • Tyler AitchKay

    you'd think superman would be drawn more realistically as time goes on.

    Turns out the exact opposite happened

  • vadersapp

    Well, it depends entirely on the artist how he is drawn including the amount of, if any, realism (look up Alex Ross's work for very realistic comic book artwork). And realism is not necessarily or even usually a goal for a comic book artist. Styles have definitely changed over the years but it has to do with individual artists, art rendering technology and the stylistic fads of the era (oh god were the 90's rough for all of the fads... chains, pouches, enormous guns, god-awful hair styles, and Leifeld. Leifeld everywhere!), but it's not moving toward any particular destination and certainly not toward realism. Each artist usually has their own aesthetic that they stick to and usually they try to go for something unique to make their work stand out and be readily identifiable. The 2nd 20 dollar coin and the left 50 cent coin are both Jim Lee drawings. He actually has a pretty standard aesthetic style but with amazing execution which is why he is one of the biggest names in comic book artists. He has actually changed up his style somewhat since the New 52 started to be a little less realistic and more stylized.

  • Tyler AitchKay


  • vadersapp

    TL;DR: Very few artists are trying to portray realism. It's not a goal of comic books to look more realistic.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Maaan, Canada gets all the cool coins. First Glow in the dark Dinosaurs and now Superman! Come on US, get with the program!

  • vadersapp

    For anyone interested, the Kryptonian script says on most of the coins says "75 years of Superman" in English up the left side and "Superman 75 ans deja" in French down the right. "Superman 75 ans deja" translates to "Superman 75 years already" or something similar. The 10 dollar coin (with golden age Supes breaking chains) just says "Superman" on both sides.

    BTW, never thought I'd say this, but I really want some Canadian coins now.

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