Bill Nye's Second Dancing With The Stars Performance

September 24, 2013


This is a video of Bill Nye and Tyne Stecklein's second performance on 'Dancing With the Stars', this time dancing a paso doble with a Beethoven theme. Amazingly, despite receiving the lowest scores for both their dances, the couple managed to survive elimination, presumable because they are a FAN FAVORITE. Which, when your competition is Snooki, Ozzy Osbourne's son, and the chick from 'Saved By The Bell' that later showed her hoo-ha in 'Showgirls', seems like it would be a no-brainer if we lived in a fair and just world. We don't though, so I 100% expect Bill to be eliminated next week. Unless... "We Nancy Kerrigan the rest of the competition?" WHAT? I'd never suggest such a thing! Meet me at the west gate of the ABC lot dressed as an usher.

Continue for the happy sadness.

Thanks to Becca, SI and Robert, who don't dance with stars, they dance WITH ENTIRE GALAXIES. Holy shit, I don't even know how that works.

  • Dancing with the stars

    Although Bill and partner Emma Slater got the lowest score of the night for that 1970s homage dance — and lost a disco “dance off” with Jack Osbourne — the comedian sailed through to next week’s “DWTS” semifinals.

  • Charlie Coralejo

    With his fans, Bill Nye will never get kicked out.

  • beastium

    he didn't even really do anything

  • Prometheus

    So.. to be a member of Mensa do I also need to have big ass glasses?

  • Brittany Rappaport

    Nope. Just pay a bundle in testing fees that are simple pattern-detectors. (By a stretch, you could imagine some of the questions are precursors to the lightest calculus.) Then, yearly, you pay a fee for basically a social hangout where everyone feels they have to justify why they're paying for a club that doesn't really do anything. The chapters that actually do community work are okay, but for the most part, all you're getting is a one-up-fest. Sometimes, you can get some ambient information, but that's unlikely. If you really want to be "smart," find a club about something you love (like robotics, crafting, board games), and get so much more from that. Not to hate on Mensa, but it's really not all people make it out to be.

  • HoneyBeeBoo

    In that picture, he's looking for her pulsar star.

  • Saeed Jibree Miller

    he's bad at dancing.. are all her dance moves going to be the same?

  • Dave

    Just wait, they'll slowly make their way up the scoreboard and by the last week it will be just Bill with perfect 10's.

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