Batman & Captain America Save Cat From Burning Home

September 9, 2013


Batman and Captain America (who one firefighter sadly mistook for Robin) were teaching positive life lessons to a group of children at their local American Legion post in Milton, West Virginia, when Batman noticed a nearby house fire. So they two sprung into action, breaking a window into the home and rescuing an unconscious cat. Presumably because it reminded Batman of Catwoman. "I'm telling you, bro -- she has whiskers just like this."

The pair, also known as John Buckland and Troy Marcum, had been working a children's event nearby when they saw smoke engulfing house in Milton, West Virginia.

Buckland, a former firefighter, said his training immediately kicked in and he grabbed the cat then pulled it outside to safety.

'The cat comes around. Takes a look at me, then hissed!'

'He got rescucitated by Batman. That's a pretty scary thing to wake up to.'

The occupants of the home were out of town and only the cat was home at the time of the fire, a fact that made Buckland grateful.

'I just want to know what's going through that cat's mind.

Ahahahhaha, I'll tell you exactly what was going through that cat's mind. Probably, 'Holy shit, I really shouldn't have knocked over that lamp," followed by, "Dammit, why didn't these @$$holes install that pet door I've been meowing for before they left?" Jk jk, cats don't think about anything but being passive aggressive and wondering why we steal their shit out of the litterbox. "It's like they think they're golden eggs!" I imagine them saying to one another.

Hit the jump for a video news report.

Thanks to Jennifer H., Omega, Jeff and lilco, who are wondering where the hell Batman and Captain America were when they were children and needed to be taught positive life lessons.

  • Troy Covington II

    I think that cat threw a house party, owner weren't there, they found the cat passed out, not running from fire, and batman and cpt america........just so happen to show up, i think we need to check this cat out its obviously hissed at batman!

  • xoger

    can we have this guy instead of ben affleck?

  • Matthew Armstrong

    If Bruce Wayne was from West Virginia, he would have more cars than Tony Stark, and they would all be in his yard.

  • catallergy

    Finally, a DC/Marvel crossover that doesn't suck

  • TCgill

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