Affleck Added To All Actors To Play Batman Face Morph

September 4, 2013


Remember when Redditor morphinapg made that composite face of all the actors to play Batman? Well now he's added Ben Affleck to the mix, and this is the result. I can definitely see the Affleckiness. This will also probably be the first and last time I ever mention Ben Affleck as Batman because, as a respected high-profile blogger, I don't like using my power to influence people who can't think for themselves. "You only talk about boobs and penises." They're all I really know.

Thanks to Mitch, who told me Ben Affleck might not be hero Gotham deserves, but, wait -- how's the saying go?

  • Popeye F

    So when you merge all of their faces you get....Dean Cain?!?!?!? It's like a human Voltron!

  • stuffsticks

    actually looks like a very good Bruce Wayne, just needs a little more seriousness in the eyes..

  • GiantLeap

    Oddly, looks a lot like Eddie Cibrian from CSI Miami.

  • Webdragon

    "He" reminds me of James Darren. (Google him)

  • Cpt Lars

    That's Jeremy Edwards, of Hollyoaks fame.

  • Ryan Bonds

    Scott Peterson......

  • Anodos

    It....kind of looks like Ben Affleck.....

  • ODwanKenObi

    Ben Affleck is the hero Boston deserves. Not the one it needs right now.

  • roehlstation

    So Seth McFarlane is Batman?

  • I'd play with his baterang.

  • WhiteEagle2

    Looks like a cross of George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds.

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