Needle To The Vein: Spray-On Caffeine Energy

August 26, 2013


So many more cat videos to watch. NEED ENERGY.

Caffeine: it's a drug. It's a drug and people want it inside them. Most people drink coffee or energy drinks, some people use caffeinated soap in the shower, and other people wake and bake because they don't give a shit about caffeine. Sprayable Energy is a caffeine spray that's slowly absorbed into your body, allowing for a longer, less intense energy boost than pounding two double espressos and jumping through a Starbucks window.

"After months of research, we discovered we could increase caffeine's solubility five-fold by using a simple derivative of a naturally produced amino acid, tyrosine. Thus, our patent-pending technology opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to energizing as effectively as possible without all the drawbacks and side effects."

In terms of usage, on the company's campaign page suggests that for one dose, the user spray the product twice on each side of the neck, with a suggested spray limit of 24 times per day. Oddly, on the company's official website, the advice is different, suggesting that a user can "spray up to five times within four hours," but "no more than 20 times total daily."

Hey, whatever works. Of course it's only a matter of time before somebody OD's from spraying an entire bottle on their nuts hoping for a 14-hour erection. COME ON, THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. You gotta spray the shaft!

Hit the jump for a promotional video.

Thanks to Luis, who splashes his face with cold water whenever he needs a pick-me-up. Me? I punch myself in the legs right above the knees as hard as I can till I can't feel them anymore.

  • elpolloloco

    Dat indian guy speaking @ 0:34 scared the shit out fo me. Combo eyes staring at you without blinking + mouth turning up side down + teeth.

  • da1nonlysage

    I can't wait to see the junkies

  • Guest

    Use the whole bottle you can see into the future.

  • Joel Lamm

    This may be my first serious comment on Geekologie. Not to sound like a hippie, but when you are so tired that you are using caffeine spray like cologne... maybe it's time to rethink your life, unplug and slow down for a while.

  • LowHi

    Мγ ᴄᴏusin gᴇтs 80 doƖƖars нᴏurƖy ᴏn the Ɩартᴏp… Hᴇ нas вᴇᴇn ᴏuт ᴏғ ѡᴏrᴋ
    ғᴏr 4 мᴏnтнs but Ɩasт ᴍᴏnтн нᴇ gᴏt paid 14850 in US doƖƖars...

    Seeting up the public for some more addiction problems.. wtf?? Why do people who are in the prime years of their lives (physically) have to take stimulants to give them energy? When I was young, which was a long time ago, it wasnt needed why is it necessary now? How about a decent diet, sleep and some type of exercise as easy as walking,..or how about seeing a friggin doctor if you are having so much trouble staying awake that you feel compelled to spray something on your body to do something you can do on your own if you took care of yourself....I wonder how it affects blood pressure, heart rate. Will ten year olds be able to spray this crap on themselves?

  • da1nonlysage

    It takes a lot of energy to maintain those physical traits they adore

  • bgrdownvoter

    Jesus, the spam...

  • Axiom

    They could use really use more energetic music in this video...Zzzzz..

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