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Mine Broke When I Threw It: Realistic Pokeball Replicas


These are the $100 - $150 Pokeball replicas for sale by PTX. Each model has a light-up effect around the ring button and comes in either a show (clean) or battle (worn/cracked) finish. They currently have classic, premier and ultra balls available, with luxury, master and miniature versions coming soon. So like, are you gonna catch 'em all or what? Honestly, I doubt I'll be catching any. But I will be catching fireflies tonight THEN SMASHING THEM ON MY FACE LIKE GLOW-IN-THE-DARK WAR PAINT. I'm joking, and I feel bad for doing that when I was a kid.

Hit the jump for the other two currently available.



Thanks to Senne, who rolled one at a cat but failed to capture it.

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  • TheTrueMac

    Here's where you can get them now.

  • Mara Kurohi

    The link doesn't work on my phone Dx
    I'd love one that isnt plastic for a change.
    better yet: I really need to request a Cherish Ball for a potential upcoming cosplay. Can't request it if it's owner's page is down either... OTL

  • gregman


  • rhion

    Google PTX//Pallet Town - they're not taking customer orders at the moment, but they are still doing regular ones

  • I had a boyfriend with Pokeballs, until the cream that the clinic gave him cleared it up.

  • Guest

    There are going to be a lot of bruised stray animals on the streets.


  • AdvancePlays

    You know, a baseball, some papier-mâché and some paint and varnish would get you a perfectly suitable replica without the stupid price. Or, if you're more technologically capable, 3D printing is a good option if you really care that much about getting one. Still, I can appreciate the craftsmanship that has surely gone into these.

  • mildiii

    I want to say that 3D printing a pokeball would not necessarily be the cheaper option.

  • Michael Knight

    $100 - $150???
    seems slightly overpriced for what it is/does.....


    Apparently you missed the fact that they are "artistic replicas" which gives the merchant free license to charge whatever the hell they feel like ;)

  • TheCheapGamer

    I take it they will only make one Master Ball?
    In which case, here I come missing no.

  • I think "IRL Missingno" would be a sweet name for a 3D printer.

    In other news, we are fucking nerds. :)

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