Life-Size Papercraft Model Of Mass Effect's Jack

August 21, 2013


This is a life-size version of Jack from the Mass Effect universe made entirely out of paper by Deviantartist Tankball. As I'm sure I've told you before, I actually tried to romance Jack in Mass Effect II but didn't understand that once you set up a romance it doesn't happen until you were heading into the final mission so I kept going back to talk to her and choosing different dialogue options until I pissed her off and she refused to ever talk to me again. Aaaaaaand that's when I went with plan B: Tali'Zorah the lobster girl. I actually romanced Tali again in Mass Effect III because I am a FAITHFUL COMPANION. Damn if I didn't spend some time staring at all those other hot alien bodies though. Mmmmm -- Samara, Liara, Garrus. "Garrus?" Hey -- an alien is an alien, who cares if it has a penis like a spiked war club? "I do." And that's why you'd make a terrible astronaut.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a 12:00 video for some reason.



Thanks to me, for being so honest and sharing about my video game love life with the hope that the information might help your real-life relationships.

  • dingusthemonique

    Stop making sexual comments about Home Star Runner's FleshLight container!

  • Matthew Armstrong

    Listening to this guy is like hearing everyone I have ever talked to in a comic shop all at once. Countless hours spent on Jack, and zero hours into painting the wall in his room. I guess there is no danger of a imminent (real) female presence, so I compliment him on the craftsmanship.

    Fuck yeah, priorities.

  • Matthew Anderson

    "Since me and my mom finally cleaned out my closet door..."

  • Swampcat

    But how are you supposed to have sex with it?

  • GreyMatter

    Most likely he's got a Fleshlight built into it!

  • The normal way. How do you think sticky notes are made?

  • RobertWeston

    4-8 нoυrѕ of oɴlιɴe worĸ α day... Weeĸly payмeɴтѕ... Boɴυѕeѕ... $6ĸ-$12ĸ α мoɴтн... oɴly α coмpυтer, вαѕιc ĸɴowledɢe of ιɴтerɴeт αɴd relιαble coɴɴectιoɴ ɴeeded...

    This figure reminds me somewhat painfully that the
    series sure shortchanged the player insofar as female romance options.
    Jack is the penultimate "damaged goods", Miranda has a lower jaw that's
    bigger than her forehead, and Liara is effectively missing for half the
    series. I was also put off Tali, unfortunately, because I sure didn't
    like the semi-official face she had, a-la the stolen web art.
    Liara ended up being the most acceptable choice for me. (For my Femshep, rather. ;p )

  • Matthew Anderson


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