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Lazyglasses: Watch TV Lying Flat On Your Back


These are the $16 Lazyglasses from ThinkGeek. They allow you to watch TV or read while lying flat on your back so you don't have to hold your book or head up. They're not actually a new concept though, I posted Skymall's $50 Prism Glasses almost six years ago. But they don't sell those anymore, presumably because they weren't exactly flying off the shelves out of seatback pockets. Still, I kind of want a pair of these to, you know-- "Put your head between your legs and look up your buttcrack from the bottom?" Haha, yeah. I feel like it's something everybody deserves to see before they die.

Hit the jump for a shot of a woman using the things to stare down her own chest. Apparently she likes what she sees!



Thanks to DL, who told me he tried wearing the things during sex but had to take them off when he got confused and couldn't tell who was banging who.

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  • zin

    What the hell, are you thinking this is a new concept? I MAD.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, you didn't read the actual article, did you? I MAD NOW

  • zin

    I MAD!

    Article mentions the same glasses 6 years ago.

    My link mentions the same glasses in 1936.

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    prism glasses make you look like an ass

  • Ryan Jhingoor

    I'm going to get some because I'm having back surgery and risk injury from sitting up

  • Rick_McRockock

    I'll just wait till i get my oculus rift glasses

  • Adonos

    I guess that is cheaper then my plan of putting my TV on my ceiling

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Didn't Jack Nicholson have these in the Bucket List?

  • Md. Sanaul

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