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It's Too Early For This: The Rave Party Morning Workout


Somebody pass me my glowsticks, because a new morning workout trend is sweeping the nation with early-morning rave parties. And by nation I mean England, and by sweeping I mean there's only one so far.

Producers Sam Moyo and Nico Thoemmes have started a new club morning in Shoreditch, London, after trialling the idea at festivals.

If successful, they hope to roll it out across the UK soon.

Basically, instead of a traditional workout, you show up at the club anytime between 6:30 - 10:30 AM and shake your ass to some loud-ass music for awhile until you're sweaty and tired. Plus your ears will ring for the rest of the day! What percentage of people that show up for the early morning raves do you think stayed out all night at another rave and are just continuing the party disguised as exercisers? Because that's pretty smart if you ask me.

Hit the jump for a BBC news report.

Thanks to sactheripper, who gets his exercise the same way your parents did: walking to school 12 miles uphill both ways.

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