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IS THAT A LIFE-SIZE NINJA TURTLE?!: Dude's Parents Buy Furnished House, Hit The Ninja Turtle/Star Wars Jackpot


This is a gallery of the furnishings already in the house that Redditor Topherstiles' parents bought. Presumably the previous owner is dead because nobody alive would ever leave a life-size ninja turtle behind when they moved. Did I mention there are also life-sized Superman and stormtrooper statues? Because there are those too. Plus a bunch of TMNT and Star Wars artwork. It just doesn't make sense, now I have to know what happened to the previous owner. You think maybe THEY bought a prefurnished house with even NICER ninja turtle and Star Wars memorabilia? "Nope." Dead it is.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more of the best real estate deal in history.














Thanks to Maestro, who bought a house and pulled up the floorboards and found a suitcase full of money. Jk jk, a skeleton. Dun dun dun!

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  • $6892867

    Never understood the ninja turtles and feal any adult that has their stuff is certifiably nuts. I call BS on story because any home that is repossessed by a bank gets gone through with a fine tooth comb by a reality management company before it is pout back on the market. Anything left inside would be removed and sold prior to anyone buying the home.

  • AshesToDust

    He's got all four cold cast statues. I want those. I only have Mikey. The TMNT drawings are pretty great too. Looks like the classic Eastman-Laird drawings.
    Are those the real weapons used from the first movie? I want those too.

  • Seagoat

    All of the "furnishings" you see pictured and more are available for sale. You can contact the new owners at

  • Rioki

    Box in background has address of where to find these amazing treasures. Oops.

  • T.J. Wood

    wonder which was his favorite? Raph maybe ? hahahahahaha

  • whacko

    Original owner must have starved to death after spending all of his money on TMNT/Star Wars memorabilia.

  • That C-3PO has boobs.

  • TempUserName4

    You there. Update your blog, fool. Had to create a Disqus account to say as much!

    - Formerly K. Fantastico

  • My apologies.

  • TJ

    In this day and age It is more likely the whole house and all content got repossessed for not paying the mortgage and loans to buy the stuff over dying. They where so much in debt they had to give it all up as part of the bankruptcy claim.

  • Rick_McRockock

    They don't take your things as part of a foreclosure. If you don't take your belongings with you they can and will just throw all your stuff out on the lawn, throw it away or the guys doing so will sometimes take things. I had a friend who got evicted upon foreclosure and a sheriff came to oversee the "movers" just throw all his belongings on the curb for the trash while he was at work. What didn't get stolen by the neighbors (and presumably the movers after the cop left) got destroyed in the rain. He was young, in over his head and didn't pay his mortgage but that still sucked the way his stuff was treated.

    According to another article: "Currently, there are two theories on the Reddit thread. The first is that, as one Redditor claims, it was a bank sale where the former owners lost their jobs in quick succession and the items were left behind to increase the cash value of the house and get a little more money in their pockets. That’s plausible; honestly, this stuff is a nightmare to store and an even bigger nightmare to insure. If you don’t have a lot of cash, leaving it behind may make more fiscal sense.
    The other, and more depressing, theory is that it was an estate sale where the deceased had no real debt and no family, in which case his or her property was just sold off pretty much sight unseen by the bank. Banks tend to take a “you bought it, it’s your problem” attitude towards homes, and estate sales only happen if banks have time or believe it to be of value; the bank might have seen this stuff and decided it was junk."

  • John_Drake

    I call bullshit. Reddit isn't exactly a reliable source.

  • Guest

    These guys indeed encounter a lucky find.

  • Mister Cerberus

    Needs more Donatello

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Wow, what a find.

  • Joel Lamm

    April must have finally broke off her relationship with Raphael. She couldn't stand the memories of the turtles, so she left them behind

  • John Harmon

    That would be heaven for me.

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