I Need A Fix: Popular Coffee Brands Caffeine Comparison

August 2, 2013


This is a visual comparison of the caffeine content of some of the most popular coffee brands. Personally, I don't drink any of these, I like to make my own. "You're stirring dirt into a cup with a stick." Is this not how you do it? "Oh no, it totally is." Thought so -- now pass me a salt packet.

Thanks to Jillie B., who only drinks coffee from gas stations the way God intended.

  • David Gabel

    Deathwish coffee. brew with less water to coffee ratio and instead of water make it redbull with 5 hour energy mixed in. take that heart,brain, and nervous system!

  • With the leading brands, they are of course doing and making it popular. They are claiming to be the highest caffeine content on their product. It’s their strategy to make business. But if we don’t trust any of them, then you have the right to choose or have your own coffee at your desire. What is common to all of us who are coffee fanatics is the coffee we love. Have a coffee at your convenience.

  • Coffee contains antioxidants, including a group of compounds called
    quinines which in a study to lab rats, its increased sensitivity
    improves the body response to insulin.


    Fuck anything but ShitBucks!

  • swagv

    Since when was Death Wish "popular"? Looks like Geekolgie got trolled by their marketing department if you asked me.

  • Stephanie Eylar

    Dutch Bros. Coffee is the best!

  • Junaid Marmeladov

    Has anyone tried deathwish? is it worth ordering??

  • Christina Cropper

    Raise your hand if this made you want to drink coffee immediately.

  • Pizza

    Girl! Upvote.



  • Trey Hammond

    Yes, but how much caffeine is in Grumpy Cat brand coffee?

  • Conrado Parra

    That Graphic is so Wrong, like that stupid movie that that girl Daisy used to quote Wrong, Every cup represents 60 mg / fl oz. of Caffeine which means??? No fucking Thing especially when each mg of caffeine is per fl oz. which I recall as being around 30 grams (not sure, too lazy to google)...well what ever

  • michaelwfisk

    Sounds about right. Never had Deathwish, although it sounds good right about now. But I'm definitely familiar with Starbucks being quite a bit stronger than other brands I'm used to (Caribou, Biggby, Dunkin). McDonalds' coffee barely passes for flavored water - it's reasonably inoffensive, and avoids a lot of mistakes of other poorly-brewed coffees (comes off as considerably less acidic than, say, Caribou), but it really doesn't do the trick.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Mix 3 shots of Starbucks and you got you a deathwish.

  • Closet Nerd

    Where can i get some Deathwish Coffee?!

  • Scott Andrew David

    Where the FUCK is Tim Horton's at?

  • n11

    This chart is FAIL without Tim Hortons.

  • Jeem


  • Bob Thayer

    Canada, or upstate/central NY thruway rest stops.

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