Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Refrigerator Doors

August 29, 2013


This is a set of Han Solo frozen in carbonite refrigerator/freezer doors. They're not real though, they've just been Photoshopped, making them barely worth posting but I'm doing it anyways because 1. the internet is drying up in anticipation of the holiday weekend and 2. somebody should make one for real. Hell, I'll make you one for real if the price is right. You think I don't know how to make a refrigerator door? Please, I took shop class. And home-ec. I set off all the fire alarms baking a cake because I forgot I'd put my bookbag in the oven. "Why was your bookbag in the oven?" To keep the dissected frog I'd stolen from biology class from smelling up the room! Obviously that backfired.

Thanks to Christy, who has every intention of stealing kisses from Han whenever she makes a trip to the kitchen for a midnight snack. TOO BAD I KISSED HIM FIRST.

  • Justin Bowler

    Just get the fathead . . .


  • Buy the decal t Amazon, stick it on your fridge. http://www.amazon.com/Carbo...

  • angf117

    i 3rd this request!!!

  • luis sandoval

    Its a 2d decal that looks 3d..so yeah these have been around for a while

  • LifeIsDiving

    they have made them..you can buy the decal on Amazon and other sites....

  • Claire 'Freckles' Henson

    Well folks my partner has actually made it!!! Check out @planetmidge on twitter or a post on Dented helmet on fb as they featured his fridge!! :)

  • Kris Bright

    As far as I know, somebody did make decals for fridges of this.

  • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

    If the shapes were cast in resin and painted, they could be fastened onto any fridge doors.

  • Terry Hoppa
  • doctor stinkstah

    I would definitely love this for my penthouse. thestinky dot com

  • Manish kumar verma

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  • Denise Vincent

    Could be done with a Mylar skin wrapped over a Styrofoam Han-shape core and then applied anywhere with Command strips, amiright?

  • TJ

    "2. somebody should make one for real."

    I second this request.

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