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Better Than Worn Panties: Japanese Bra Vending Machine


This is the bra vending machine at the Une Nana Cool shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. It dispenses Wacoal brand 'Fun Fun Week' wireless bras for around $30. It's weird though because like, they're selling the exact same bras not out of a vending machine all around it -- and wouldn't you want to try a bra on first? I know I would. Plus dance around in front of the dressing room mirror mashing my tits together singing "I'm a sexy little lady." I've actually worn a bra for a whole day before and I've got to admit, I don't know how you ladies do it. Of course I'm only a borderline A/B cup, so it's not like I really need the support. "Pfft, those are solid C's, GW." Drive me to Victoria's Secret?

Thanks to PYY, who told me bras are a boob's best friend. Whaaaaaat? I thought it was nipples.

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