Rugrats & Other 90's Cartoon Characters In Their 20's

July 12, 2013


This is a small gallery of drawings by Celeste Doodles (me too -- I doodle!) imagining what some classic 90's cartoon characters look like as hipstery twenty-somethings, including some Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Pepper Ann and Magic Schoolbus action. This Chuckie one from Rugrats though -- he's my favorite. I actually know a guy who looks just like this in real life, Star Trek tank top and everything. I like to bring him out to the bars with me because next to him I look like a Greek god. Not a super hot Greek god or anything, but maybe like a statue of one whose face and penis have melted off from centuries of rain.

Hit the jump for the rest.











Thanks to TBTMH, who's surprised to see none of these child stars turned to a life of drugs and alcohol.

  • Alicia Kristen

    These are amazing! I love how they are all the same art style, like they could go in a cartoon together, and yet you can somehow see the personalities of the characters in their expressions enough to match them.

  • jarek redman

    Chuckie the Child Rapist. I hate redheads....

  • Guest

    that one guy looks like childish gambino

  • Ivan Mršić

    So Gerald = Donald Glover?

  • Woops

    I'm starting to think the artist knows a lot of 20-somethings that smirk...

  • Love most of these. My only question: Tommy Pickles? Not sure how the older version stems from the baby version in any way whatsoever. I mean...Spike turned into a golden retriever. What?

  • Easily Gets Diseases

    Instant cancer.

  • Hendo

    yea because Arnold's "football head" (which he was often called) magically corrected itself.

  • da1nonlysage

    only one I happen to like is the Magic School Bus

  • Alex Sharrard

    The real question should be, why is Arnold wearing a tool belt?

  • Jose

    So...none of them will be somewhat fat?

  • kevin

    A lot of these do just add the colors of the character's costumes over a generic template, the Tommy one being the worst offender...

    but I thought the Kiki, Helga, and Pepper Ann ones were actually really good at both aging the characters and translating their cartoonish qualities as well as their personalities into real life.

    About the "hipster" thing; if these were actual 90s and 2000s kids, that grew up to be in their 20s now, this is probably how they'd dress.

    If you think otherwise, look around at the 20 something year olds walking around today.

  • Kevin kalnasy

    I feel like the word "hipster" is starting to lose it's meaning...

    You know, because everyone won't stop overusing it.

    Also, I'm totally putting my cartoon dick in 20 year old, hipster Helga.

  • lorrrd

    What in the witty wolvering-weekend-wood-mood is wrong with many of you frkn folks ? Someone woke u up from Childhood & now the World is cold & lame ? Me doesn`t even see the Hipster-thing, they all wear pretty lame-small-town-mall-clothes. (just like you "glee-geeks") And yeah of course its a different style than this creepy 90ies Tourette-Drawings ... + its not even close to the worst top-10-geekology-posts!!! ... over & out ... hallelujah

  • William_Morris

    Wasn't the magic school bus kids determined via another posting to be the Planeteers of Captain Planet fame?

  • Guest

    This was one of the worse Geekologie news :( Total fail from the artist's side. Looks stupid and nothing like the original. at least stay on the original artstyle.

  • jos

    This was one of the worse Geekologie news :( Total fail from the artist's side. Looks stupid and nothing like the original. at least stay on the original artstyle.

  • Paige Christine Harrington

    I wish I could explain why I find these awesome to all of you who feel the need to explain why you don't, but I lack the skill to articulate what I appreciate about these, so I'll just say I think that these are brilliant and they demonstrate something amazing about the artist. It's not supposed to be a scientific "ADVO Asks" age progression. And I don't even *like* hipsters!

  • penisbelenis

    whoa ottawa jazz festival

  • Nestor Sanchez

    Whats with all the hipsters?

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