Quadrocopter Flies In Rings During Wedding Ceremony

July 18, 2013


Because quadrocopters are totally the new pillow-carrying nephews, this is a video of a little quadrocopter flying in the rings during a wedding ceremony. You know, because people can't have normal weddings anymore and are determined to add an element that will have their guests talking about their special day years from now.

Woman: Hey honey, remember at Robert and Joanna's wedding when that little quadrocopter flew in with the rings?
Man: How could I forget, it made zero sense. Why'd they do that anyways?
Woman: No clue, but I heard from Joanna's friend Megan that after they divorced, Robert started dating a cyborg.
Man: He did dry-hump the mechanical bull at his bachelor party.

Hit the jump for the video. And seriously -- congratulations to the happy couple, I'm just a bitter, lonely man.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees cute pets make the best ring bearers.

  • da1nonlysage

    I was hoping for a decapitation or two, Gee Dub.

    You have failed me

  • Phillip Passos

    007 theme too

  • $18889437

    If only there were quadrocoptors at my wedding that would have swooped in and carried me out of there before making the biggest mistake of my life...

  • Robin Manford

    If only it had a twist ending, where the quadcopter crashed into the pool before reaching the groom, and the ring was retrieved by a Ziphius: http://www.kickstarter.com/...

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