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Naked Ninja 'Invades' American Ninja Warrior Tournament


This is a video of an alleged streaker breaking onto the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course set up on the Las Vegas strip and successfully running through most of it before being tackled by security. Now I'm not saying the show was in on this, but it totally was. I'm not even convinced dude is actually naked and not just wearing a flesh-colored banana hammock. You think I can't tell the difference between a real penis and a skin-tone bathing suit through a fuzzy censor box? Please -- you know how the detectives in all those CSI shows gather clues by magically enhancing video footage? That shit's based on my actual vision.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Sleepingiant and IJJ, who're convinced that dude's penis might be a ninja because they couldn't even see it. Hoho, burn!

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