Jump A Volcano: RHex, The Six-Legged Parkour Robot

July 25, 2013


I actually posted a video of RHex back in 2008 (last video on the page), and apparently he's been quietly practicing his parkour for the last five years because now he's back and jumpier than ever. He moves like one of the freaky deaky insects out of my dreams. And not one of my good dreams where I save a village from giant insects and they make me their king. The bad kind of dream where I'm buried up to my head in dirt and insects are plucking the skin from my face. You ever had that one? I woke up to my roommate's cat licking my eyelids.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Rhubarb and Ford, who agree parkour is best left to the professionals. That's right, now step aside and watch this! *trips off park bench, rolls ankle, bone comes out of leg*

  • coute21

    It'd also be cool if it could float and use it's legs like paddles.

  • foreverastudent

    Look up AQUA from McGill University. It's an amphibious robot built on the RHex platform that can swap/use amphibious legs to swim and walk on land.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I'm guessing they had a lot of out takes of the bot not clearing the table jump

  • zatoichi

    I would say the video is under informative, rather than overdramatic. Some of the maneuvers to set up a gap jump (picnic table) and to go vertical and grapple should have been in the 1st 10 seconds.

    What about this little guy?


  • jay h

    haha this thing is pretty cute

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Video is overly dramatic, but this is pretty cool. Looks like an angry bulldog when walking/.

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