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I Need That In The Foyer: A Chainsaw Carved Dinosaur


Note: Larger version HERE for more detail.

I don't have a foyer by the way, I was just daydreaming about how cool it would be to have a house with a foyer instead of an apartment with a bug problem. This is the chainsaw carved dinosaur created by Scott Dow of ANIMALISTIC Chainsaw Carving Studio in Corry, Pennsylvania. Apparently it's not even finished yet, but already you can tell he has some serious skills with a chainsaw. Me? I've only had serious accidents. Guess how many toes I have on my right foot. "None, that's a pegleg." Exactly.

Thanks to Cloie A., who knows chainsaw mastery when she sees it, and she saw this.

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  • timboy

    Nifty. I made a similar one for my foyer several years ago, without a chainsaw, tho.

  • Tim

    Nice, I just drove past this yesterday

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