I Got Bit By A Spider, Check Out This Comic-Con Gallery

July 22, 2013


I got bit by some gnarly spider last night and the skin is starting to deteriorate so I'm heading to the doctor, presumably to have my arm chopped off. In the meantime, here's a link to Norman Chan's annual Comic-Con gallery, with a whopping 864 images. So go check that out and pretend like you were there. Unless you really were there, in which case RE-LIVE IT. I should be back later but if I'm not I'll see you all tomorrow, unless I actually die. And if I do die it's your job to avenge me by breaking into my place, finding the spider that bit me, and beating it with a shoe. Also if you could destroy my laptop that would be cool too. Okay I'm getting woozy I need to order a cab.

  • VelvetRingpiece

    Sooo... I didn't, and didn't want to, look at this. Was this gallery meant to be substantial enough to give you a day off? Why has nothing else been posted?!

  • chubbler

    Did they amputate of your members? Hopefully no member of the privy sort.

  • Davidsadi

    Oh man the typography/grammar is going to be so much worse now with GW's hand melted off

  • Hey GW, get well soon man. I can't draw for shit or I'd make you a card. Instead I spent my time which is worth literal pennies on the dollar (not sure I got that right) and found these:

    Just some cool GW posts I remember from other fans who DO know how to draw for shit (not sure I got that right either).

    http://geekologie.com/2009/... http://geekologie.com/2009/...

    If I have to ingest the internet on my own without humorous descriptions and commentary I'll boycott the whole damn thing. Fuck Al Gore, he can keep it.

  • HorseFlyKegParty

    Damnit GW, don't die. If you die I might have to actually start working.

  • McfeelySmackup

    So...GW is dead, right?

  • ODwanKenObi

    Really hope your ok. We don't want you coming back with cyborg parts and you getting a complex about you being half robot.

  • Robin Manford

    I wish you well. Mostly because I couldn't stand for another GW replacement so soon.

  • Darebear

    Blog's a job, brown recluse' happen.

  • Midnight

    I hope your arm doesn't get chopped off, but even if it does it's okay. I'm sure you're used to typing with one hand.
    Get well soon.

  • Guest

    Pretty sweet collection o' photos.

    buhh...spider bites can be nasty, especially the radioactive spider bites. Best wishes GW.

  • Damn... hospital for a spider bite? You blog from the Amazon, bro?

  • cesar

    gets bitten by poisonous spider, "let me blog first"

  • Regigigity
  • Ithyria

    That Admiral Ackbar is actually Adam savage from Mythbusters.


  • wastedkitten

    I was just gonna say :)

  • Billy Rocka

    Hope it's not your wanking arm?!

    -Side thought, you should post this spider bite!

  • Melissa Weigel

    Please don't die. You are my favorite semi-celebrity semi-friend.

  • ZerglingPack

    I guess it's time to start saying RIP GW...

  • rikster81

    as long its not a brown recluse bite

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