Cool, But What's It Mean For Space Travel?: Scientists Succesfully Freeze Light For A Minute

July 26, 2013


Picture related: frozen light. Zing! NOW COME TEAR MY HEART OUT NO MERCY STYLE.

German researchers have successfully "frozen" light for an entire minute, which apparently means great things for the future of "light-based quantum memory" and other things my brain refuses to be wrapped round. No lie, I'm so dumb I failed chemistry for refusing to dissect any animals. "Don't you mean biology?" God, I wish I did. Prepare for smarty talk!

For this particular experiment, researcher Georg Heinze and his team converted light coherence into atomic coherences. They did so by using a quantum interference effect that makes an opaque medium -- in this case a crystal -- transparent over a narrow range of light spectra (a process called electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT)). The researchers shot a laser through this crystal (a source of light), which sent its atoms into a quantum superposition of two states. A second beam then switched off the first laser, and as a consequence, the transparency. Thus, the researchers collapsed the superposition -- and trapped the second laser beam inside.

They trapped a laser beam! I still can't believe people are smart enough to come up with stuff like this. Like, I don't understand ANYTHING, and there are people out there trapping laser beams in crystals. *shaking fist at God* Where was I the day you were handing out brains?! *booming voice* "At the front of the penis line." Haha, you're damn right I was.

Thanks to Marconus and Pyrblaze, who can stop light anytime they want just by flipping a wall switch. Heck yeah, let's drink in the dark!

  • Hannah

    I've just gotta say, your writer (writers?) are hilarious. Even a simple scientific story has me laughing. Keep it up

  • Scott Stearley

    2030 holograms

  • sadoul1

    Wow, whoever writes these articles is both hilariously retarded as well as SERIOUSLY RETARDED! I mean, they sound like a valley girl on a Whip-Its binge!!! This page is geekologie. It's ok to be smart or interested in weird shit here. Don't play up to the jocks and cum dumpsters by pretending to be dumb as hell ... they don't read anyway!

  • DanyH

    welcome to Geekologie bro! (or broette)

  • grimbldoo

    Are you new here?

  • ZerglingPack

    Reading that just seemed like this, but in written form.

  • Guest
  • Tyler AitchKay

    We now have laser defense technology

  • Noneya Biznazz

    I wonder if this is how the Kryptonians started.... we all know how that turned out for them.

  • EduArdo Juärez

    2050: lightsabers

  • Scott

    They already made lightsabers

  • catallergy

    this is the first thing i thought too

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