Company Builds Replica Of The Car Homer Designed

July 1, 2013


This is a replica of 'The Homer', the car Homer designed in The Simpsons after being given a job at Powell Motors by his half brother Herb in the season two episode 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou?'. This real-life version was built by Porcubimmer Motors, and while not an exact replica (i.e. no bubble driver's compartment), it's pretty close. I'd drive it. Granted it would have to be without a valid driver's license, but that's only because the local authorities don't agree with my style of driving. "You were caught using a mirror to try to drive facing backwards." I'm gonna be a stunt car driver!

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video of the thing peeling out all zoom-zoom like.









  • SZMatheson

    I wouldn't call six dudes in a garage who plan to take a $500 Craig's List car to 24 Hours of LeMons a company, but whatever.

  • dAdXeR


  • Luidavinci

    Very cool! I'm impressed with how much pick-up this little car has as well.

  • Shlamalamadingdong

    Jesus... this is what happens when a dumb guy has money

  • Frag Monger

    But does it have 'Rack & Peanut' steering?

  • Closet Nerd

    "Right, right"

  • WishIwerePenny

    Make the Canyonero next!!!

  • The car is awful but Marge is kind of a babe. I like the red lowtop kicks.

  • Shane Anderson

    I'd buy it. Those kids are too loud back there.

  • LeSimpsons

    I wish they'd actually made it a bubble front with a different back bubble that's sound proof. That was actually a good idea if you think about it, the kids can watch Finding Nemo while you listen to the best of the 80s lol.

  • Anon the Mouse

    Sound proof kid bubble is a GREAT idea.

    Except when your kid starts choking on his Goldfish crackers during Finding Nemo, but you are blissfully unaware of his hacking sobs while you're singing along to 'Where is my mind' by the Pixies, and you get to Grandma's house with unfortunate news.

  • Michael Knight

    uhm, maybe you need new glasses, because i see a front seat area that is completely separate from the bubble around the kids seating area. the kids 'bubble' might not be sound proof but does look a bit air proof though.

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