Chemical Reaction Opens Gate To Hell, Releases Kraken

July 18, 2013


This is a video of an Ammonium dichromate volcano erupting with a couple mercury thiocyanate tablets hidden inside. Mercury thiocyanate is commonly sold as those "Pharoah's snake" fireworks. So between the volcano erupting and those tentacles spilling out it looks like the Kraken from hell has been awakened. As a matter of fact, if there were no sense of scale in the video I would have though this was the opening to a Sy-Fy original movie. 'Krakano' or something. I don't know, I'm just spitballing here.


Thanks to Alex, who expressed an interest in eating one of those tentacles and should never be picked when he raises his hand to volunteer for experiments in the future.

  • hicker

    This made me go play my warlock on WoW

  • Nancy

    Focus!! FOCUS!!!

  • Stephanie Stephens

    The little polish kids saying "Kraken", adorable.

  • jay h

    lol that was pretty cute it was all in unison too

  • Mike Reeves

    polish snakes and sparklers are better than ours :(

  • n11

    They're talking polish in the background. The one lady is asking "will this devil show up" (teasing the kids). They replied no. lol

  • DomHancock

    Mmmmm carcinogenic!

  • Photocopier

    Old as hell, haven't I even seen this on geekologie before?

  • Kyle Morgan

    ...I've seen enough hentai...

  • Stephanie Stephens

    If you've seen one you've seen them all.

  • Cr1mson3lbow


  • David Rivera

    Jump in front of traffic.

  • WhiteEagle2

    Flame Bait*

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