But I Don't Have A Light Cycle: TRON Bicycling Bodysuit

July 3, 2013


This is the $150 Tron: Legacy inspired bicycling skinsuit available from Podium Racing (of Pee-wee Herman skinsuit fame). Unfortunately, it doesn't actually light up, so unless you invest in some of those flashing bike lights you're going to look like a ninja pedaling around at night. And have you ever seen a ninja biking at night? Exactly, it's nearly impossible until they're rolling across your windshield. This message brought to you by orphaned ninja children and the Ad Council.

Thanks to brie, who bikes with a strobe light and disco ball and isn't sure if it prevents or causes more accidents.

  • carrie

    Wow! It's just amazing. I love it. Totobobo

  • niekon

    I typically don't do the 1-piece skinsuits for cycling, but this is something I would definitely get. It's comparable to getting the shorts and jersey as separate items. Would almost make me want to pay to get the customized lighting for my wheels to make it like a lightcycle...

  • baal

    bike riding?? psshhh, I wear these all the time.

  • Edith J. Bullard

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