Terrifying Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign In London (Aka The Mannequin Head Through The Bathroom Mirror)

June 7, 2013


This is an anti-drunk driving PSA from London that scares unsuspecting bar patrons in the bathroom when a fake bloody mannequin head smashing through the mirror as they wash their hands after taking a piss (I know -- some guys actually do that you filthy monster). The commercial's tagline is, 'What impact could a drink have on your night out?', but none of the guys who witnessed the face-through-the-mirror smashing got to see that, so I'm pretty sure they all left thinking somebody just died in the bathroom. BARKEEP, MY TAB -- I'm kinda in a hurry.

Hit the jump for the video but PROTIP: lower the volume on your speakers first.

Thanks to Linz and Side Effect, who order cabs when they drink. Same, plus a ton of shit I don't need from Amazon when I get home.

  • Guest

    Great prevention technique + nightmare fuel. :D

  • McfeelySmackup

    People are taking this a little more seriously than I think it was intended.

    It's clearly a dramatization, not a prank played on actual unsuspecting people. Throwing a shower of broken glass slivers into the face of a random person is a really good way to get sued.

  • Robin Manford

    Great. The men with enough class about them to actually wash their hands get scared to death and the selfish, thoughtless fuckers who left without washing their hands (which I would have thought would have made them statistically more likely to drink and drive on account of being selfish fuckers) leave without the scare.

  • cabbo

    This is clearly fake. It's a health risk (with all that broken glass) that you wouldn't be allowed to take. Also there's a black guy in a suit. Outrageous.
    Besides, Northern Ireland's are better.

  • cyncity

    What is so fake about a black guy in a suit?

  • cabbo
  • DoubleFish

    Good God!! I would've died of a heart attack!!

  • Max Baldwin

    Im going to raise this question since everyone is worried about if this got the message across or not. Frankly, I dont care.

    But! Usually, you hang a mirror on a wall with a fraction of space between the wall and the mirror. In order to get this mannequin to smash against the mirror there would have to be a lot more space behind the mirror, for the mannequin and whatever is making it fly full force into the mirror. Maybe a room for all of this. If it is a room behind the mirror, what were they using this room for before this campaign??

  • Paul G Rigby

    I'm sorry... this is bullshit. I'm calling it. How is this a deterrent exactly? If anything I'd be in the position of "Fuck... Went for a piss, was washing my hands and then son of chucky burst through the bathroom mirror... I need a drink."

    Nobody... NOBODY would say "You know what, that vicious prank really changed my perspective... No more drink driving for me!"

    I think people need to think less about the shock value and more about the message they're trying to convey.

  • STK10

    Wow you really missed the point, but the point didnt miss you.
    We are all here talking about and sharing a video about the dangers of drink driving arent we? I think the ad is working.

  • Paul G Rigby

    No, I'm talking about a poorly thought-out scare tactic. Exactly how is this demonstrating the dangers of drink driving? I think it shows more that you shouldn't trust public bathrooms, and if you do, the dangers of not bringing to pairs of underwear in case you accidently shit yourself at a cruel prank.

  • Paul G Rigby

    *Two. Sorry, drunk.

  • Mason Miller

    "Wow, it's a good thing I'm already in the bathroom!"

  • joe

    yea id fucking sue

  • Doug Eldridge

    Yea that one in europe or south america where they slip a ghost looking 6 year old girl in the elevator with you. yea i would sue, after i punched a 6 year old girl.

  • "Oh man guys, who is going to be the designated driver?

    Cuz I just saw a bloody head fire through the goddamn bathroom mirror a second ago and it really has me thinking about responsible drinking."

  • Pizza

    That bar looks like a cleaned up version of the bar in Always Sunny.

  • Anon the Mouse

    I dont think they got the message exactly, but it did probably sober them up....?

  • Rix Trix

    So hes actually okay to drive now, thanks bathroom

  • Closet Nerd

    Which made them drink more to get back to drunk

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