Octocopter Makes Domino's Pizza Delivery In England

June 5, 2013


This is a brief video from Domino's of an octocopter delivering two pizzas to a man in England. Allegedly it really happened, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was all staged like the moon landing or that "Mars rover" NASA is driving around the New Mexico desert.

The drone in question, called the Domicopter, flew two large pepperoni pizzas over 4 miles of English country-side in a 10-minute flight, through the city of Guildford, out side London. Some may complain that it is cloudy with a chance of pizza but that's just what your neighbor signed up for mate. It's interesting to know how this could be hawk-proof or crow-proof, but a delicious pizza, delivered through the air could not only save time for delivery but also reduce manpower significantly.

First of all, flying pizza delivery will never work because people will shoot them down. Hell, I'd shoot down a robotic octocopter WITHOUT a pizza payload. The pizza is just a bonus. *opening pizza bag* Wait -- no Cinna Stix? YA'LL NEVER HEARD OF A MEAL-DEAL? This is some bullshit.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Gary, Dr Fink and victor, who prefer their pizzas delivered the old fashioned way: guaranteed in 30-minutes or less.

  • SexyGinger

    I really don't think that guy payed for that pizza

  • Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood

    I am going to have my own pizza place with Attack Octocopters.... More Genius!

  • Bling Nye

    They may want to invest in some propeller guards so the recipient doesn't lose an eye taking the box out of the bag....

  • Oh man this will save SO much money! Instead of all those expensive delivery guys, all you need to do is hire Octocopter Pilots. Genius!

  • Math Campbell

    You realise that you could do all this automated? I'd imagine though the best system would be an "operator" at the shop, who controls take-off & landing, then drone-GPS to do the legwork. You could then have 5 or 10 drones out, with one operator, who is in the shop already, doesn't need fuel etc to drive around...
    Potentially massive savings, assuming the CAA don't raise holy hell about the aircraft being a new class...


    Yep! And another plus is that they can't ring doorbells so the recipients all have to stand outside in the cold waiting for their daft fucking heli-pizza to show up and rip off their scalp when they get tangled in their hair.

  • You realize that the alternative is paying someone minimum wage? If this becomes reliable and they really could automate it... eventually there could be a profit. But there's a shitton of upfront costs in creating, and programming octocopters, integrating this into the existing delivery system, having octocopter pilots on staff at each location (even if just 1 and only for takeoff and landing). I'm sure Dominos has worked out the logistics, but you can bet your ass this video and the "test delivery copter" is coming out of the marketing budget not the operations budget.

  • Jonny Campbell

    You nailed it, this would have been done for free advertising. There is no way these drones would survive if it were real. Too many drunken parties getting pizza. You can imagine what people/vandals could potentially do to this thing.

  • JJtoob

    Although at the beginning, there may be a premium charge for Octocopter deliveries.

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