Mom Orders Graduation Cake For Daughter, Asks Icer To Add Cap On The Photo Of Her Head, Gets Cat Instead

June 18, 2013


Carol Gambrel went to a bakery to buy her 22-year old daughter Laura a cake to celebrate her recent graduation from Indiana University. She got one of those photo cakes and requested the icer add a cap on top of Laura's head. But, you know, cap sounds a lot like cat.

She thought it would be a nice touch to add a graduation cap on top of Gambrel's head.

However, the family now believes, the baker must have misheard the mother's instructions and accidentally wrote down, "try to draw a cat on the head," instead of cap.

So was it really a mistake? Or -- OR -- did the icer at the bakery realize how stupid a giant black triangle would have looked on her head and made an executive decision to draw something better instead? Just look at the composition -- it's perfect. This person is a visionary.

Thanks to Joe, who always speaks in jibberish when ordering a custom cake just to see what the hell they'll make. It's like playing telephone.

  • Jane Martin

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  • elpolloloco

    I was laughing so hard. The baker didn't gave a fuck about it :D

  • Ricemanstm

    This is why ENGRISH should be MANDATORY!!!

  • Closet Nerd

    "I will not eat cat poop!"

  • well done. I tip my cat to you, sir.

  • RiotDemon
  • mtertainment

    Nice, hadn't seen this before!

  • Bubbubsky

    If I got a cake like this and saw the mistake, I'd think it was hilarious.

  • dunch

    Does she have a bad ass facial scar like I've always wanted?

  • lordpikachu

    no one said what kind of cap

  • mtertainment

    Sure, a graduation cat. I'd love it if the cat had a grad hat on though.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Always get an agreement in writing.

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