Library Sets Up World's Longest Book Domino Maze

June 18, 2013


To celebrate the start of its 2013 Summer Reading Program, the Seattle Public Library set up and knocked down this domino maze consisting of 2,131 retired books. Wait -- books get to retire? Why would a book need to retire? "Boogers between the pages." Sick!

Hit the jump for the video and wish you were there to knock it over before it was supposed to be.

Thanks to Christian, who wants to set up the longest domino book fire all Fahrenheit 451 style.

  • sadf

    so what's the number of the girl at the end? she has good hand skillsz huehuehue.

  • Hollister Dixon


  • Anodos

    All this time, telling people to take care of the books. Then ALONG COMES THE EREADER. Fuck it, everyone. Fuck it. Lets build some shit. Who wants a book fort? BOOK FIGHT!

  • So THAT'S what those things are for.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I remember my class getting lectured on book care at the start of every school year.

    Never again...

  • Prometheus

    Wow from the first picture I thought it was a small diorama, now I feel silly.

  • Hollister Dixon

    I'm just here to add that I thought it was, too!

  • Brant_Alan

    I thought the exact same thing.

  • Lee

    The lighting and the lack of faces pointing your direction kind of strengthens that confusion

  • William TheZombie Davis

    ITs called Tilt-shift. Google it for some interesting images.

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