Guy On Scooter Crashes Into Van, Then Car, Then Another Scooter, Then A Bus, Then Through Fence Into Sewer

June 4, 2013


This is a video from China of some guy who shouldn't be riding a scooter. He drives that thing like he's trying to play street pinball and he's the ball. Thankfully, the dude wasn't seriously injured, so we can all sit back and laugh about it without feeling bad. Unless you are that guy, in which case you should feel as bad as humanly possible.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to me, for being honest enough with myself to know that me riding a scooter would almost certainly end at the bottom of a cliff.

  • Hollister Dixon

    It's like surveillance footage from an episode of Mr. Bean.

  • thatcando

    watch his lost passanger - in the end he walks away- mission accomplished - "oh he found big hole finally - good! i go my way now!"

  • Served him right.

  • Guest

    Just imagine that ever so classic "Goofy Scream" as he fell down.

  • n11

    That huge hole had to be there for a reason haha.

  • I can't believe this isn't staged...

  • SlipperieSlope

    This man deserves a Darwin Award.

  • Snacktical

    It seems everyone is helpful and works to get him back on the scooter, but when he flies into an open sewer everyone just walks away...
    I could see this as actually happening, but the humanity in me begs it be staged, lol.

  • asdfasdf`

    the best part is how the bus guy who helped him back onto the bike just didn't react or care at all when he fell in and drove away

  • n_a_a_s

    After all of that, he probably just yelled 'SPARTAAAA' in chinese going into that pit

  • John_Drake

    This guy could give Chaplin or Keaton a run for their money.

  • Joshua Brett Adams

    The splash on the wall after he hits is comedic gold

  • The Benny Hill theme has never been more required.

  • Closet Nerd

    I literally almost fell out of my chair watching this!

  • just1nw

    I liked the part where he rides into an open pit at the end and everyone just goes back to their regular business, no fucks given.

  • Azariel_z

    exactly, like everyone agrees " Darwin Awards"...

  • Andrew Godsey

    aaaaand then this happened.

  • dunch

    I must know what happened to this guy. I must. As a member of the press, GW, I implore you to satisfy my curiosity.

  • asdfasdf`

    article says he wasn't seriously hurt

    but yeah, did they recover the bike? if yes he should ebay that shit

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