Would Hang: Beautifully Designed Video Game Posters

May 23, 2013


This is a series of beautifully designed video game posters by artist and illustrator Marinko Milosevski. He did a whole series of Zelda and Metal Gear ones, plus a couple BONUS ones for Metroid, Super Metroid, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They're all available as limited edition prints in Marinko's shop for $35 apiece. Hit the jump to see the rest, and if you don't like at least one I'll let you come over to my apartment and punch me in the neck. You can't miss me, I'm the one wearing the 'Geekologie Writer' t-shirt. Now if you'll excuse me...dammit Derrek, I have friends coming over -- put this shirt on.

Hit the jump for the rest, then buy them all for me.














Thanks Marinko, keep up the good work.

  • Guest


  • patrick

    I'm ordering Metroid. Love it

  • laura_specht

    Did you get yours yet? I ordered mine two weeks ago and still haven't received anything..

  • myklspaderr

    These all fucking suck, no other way to really say that. The typography, the images, the layout... all fucking suck.

  • Copedizzle

    I'm reminded of the wise words from a user by the name of Sir Diddymus: "Let's see your skills, dickhole."

  • Marvelous.

  • Anodyne

    i concur

  • Ze_Scoundrel

    the tagline for the shadow of the colossus game was fantastic...I got chills

  • Daniel Grosso

    shadow of the colossus= best game of all time

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    It's such a work of art.

  • imscuba

    the problem is the ocarina of time shows skull kid, who is the villain in majora's mask, which takes place after ocarina of time

  • Fercho Salinas

    Agree! There is plenty of easy identifiable options for Ocarina of Time game: Impa, child Princess Zelda and Link encounter, the Lakeside Laboratory on Lake Hylia, the Goddess of the Sand, Ganon, Ganondorf, the Great Deku Tree, the 3 Spiritual Stones... and the list goes on and on.

  • AdvancePlays

    The Skull Kid in the scene depicted by the artwork is often believed to be the very one in Majora's Mask. That would make the tagline in that poster a lot more meaningful.

  • Truk

    It's still the best poster up there IMO.

  • Tommy Kilcourse

    Actually, Skull kid is in Ocarina, he leads you through Kokiri forest! Hence the poster depicting that scene :)

  • Copedizzle

    There's more than one skull kid in the Zelda universe.

  • imscuba

    yes, but none of note in ocarina of time

  • Fercho Salinas

    There is indeed that kid in Ocarina of Time. The cause of the confusion here is that THE mask is not pretty recognizable, so some people may think that the mask is the Skull Mask from the Happy Mask Shop in Ocarina of Time and some other people see it as the Majora's Mask. To give a round concept to the poster, I think the picture refers to the "Follow the Notes" mini-game (located in The Lost Woods) in which you eventually win rupees and a Piece of Heart.

  • Shea Hutchison

    I don't know about that. I recognized the scene instantly and remember it very well. I think he could have gone with a better theme, but I don't think that renders the poster irrelevant or wrong.

  • Jacob

    Stop being "that guy"

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