To The Captain's Quarters!: Star Trek Uniform Pajamas

May 10, 2013


Ah yes, the old no-smile, creeper combo.

This is a series of officially licensed Star Trek USS Enterprise uniform pajamas available from ThinkGeek. They come in Spock blue, Kirk gold, Scotty red and cost forty bones for a top and bottom. They make the perfect PJ's to ease yourself into role-playing in the bedroom. You and your lover each slip on a pair of these, hop into bed, and let the Star Trek sexual euphemisms fly. Things like 'Hey captain -- how about you Klingon and prepare for warp drive', 'Nibble my tribble' and 'Bone me up, Scotty'. If you can still look each other in the eyes afterwards, congratulations, you're gonna last.

Hit the jump for a shot of all three nicely folded.


Thanks to Painted Horse, who looks like a zebra now.

  • the antagonist

    Perfect for narcoleptic cosplayers!

  • Chris Connors

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  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    No Uhura-style? That's for the womenz (and the men who enjoy comfort)

  • n_a_a_s

    Still proud to say I've never gotten into any star trek my entire life, it's always been way too nerdy for me & that's never attracted my interest

    star trek nerds < star wars geeks

  • rikster81

    or RED ALERT,in my pants.......lower yor shields your about to be boarded in your panties......resistence is futile, to my penis.........i'm set to stun..........prepare for impact, down there

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    The Sexy Data Tango is the perfect song for you.

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