Similarities Between Bioshock Infinite And Dishonored

May 7, 2013


These are a series of shots from Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored compiled by Reddtior Easy_Ease showing some of the artistic, theme and gameplay similarities between the two. I don't really want to ruin anything for you if you haven't played them, but I beat both and was going to go for 100% completion except 1) I can't tell you how many broken controllers I'd go through trying to play Bioshock Infinite on 1999 Mode without buying anything from a vending machine and 2) playing through Dishonored without alerting an enemy would probably be just as bad but with even more crying. Stealth is NOT my forte. In the world of video games, I'm like the guy trying to sneak with strings of 'Just Married' food cans tied to his feet. Enemies can detect me during loading screens.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who loves chaos so much he once yelled 'FREE CINNABON SAMPLES!' in the mall food court, then casually hit up Panda Express while everyone else fought for a free piece of nonexistent cinnamon roll.

  • Ricardo Narezo

    well, you know, there's always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city...

  • Chad Brown

    I played Infinite when it released. I just recently got Dishonored and I noticed the similarities immediately. Coins everywhere. Food Everywhere. Mark on hand. Weapon in right hand, magic in left hand. Clothes in Infinite and Bone Charms in Dishonored give special skills. Stuff I didn't notice until this article... Start on a boat. Send Ravens (Infinite) and Rats (Dishonored) to attack enemies. You are tasked to find a girl. Not comparing the games, but there are quite a few similarities.

  • YamiLink03

    It's really a matter of Dishonored taking notes from Bioshock: Infinite seeing as Infinite had been in development since Bioshock 1

  • Luka Mlinar

    I didn't play Bioshock so i can't say but what i can say is that i played Dishonored and the game is awesome.

  • Grindzombie

    After reading the title and looking at the comparison pics, I was expecting a one-word article: "none"

  • Aboveridge

    the pictures look similar, but the boat in the start of each are very different, the little girl in dishonored, is nothing close to the girl in bioshock, the picture of the towns is just two pictures of bridges... the twins in dishonored are not even close to the "twins" in bioshock, and crows are not the same as rats. these seem to be similar, but if you played both of these games, you would know there not even close to the same haha

  • Registeredwithem

    Enemies can detect me at the loading screen is pure comedy gold, man. LMAO.

  • I came here just to say the exact same thing. G-dub's still got it.

  • Ed

    It reminds me of how so many rap songs all use similar words and themes.

  • Duchnovny Duchnovny

    Having not played either, I would venture to say that neither are complete crap. I will say that this post shows us something frightening about the medium of video games. I don't know how to express just what this is, but I will certainly be thinking about it now. Even beyond that, GW's tags are sad to me, though I will still visit these sites every day for as long as I can forsee. I don't mean to insult GW...there's something special and penultimate about this entry. HEY GUYS CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ELYSIUM AND PACIFIC RIM!!!!

  • Guest

    its a shame your opinion means nothing haha cause i agree with the good ratings that it got haha and the reviews about it.


    What opinion? Did I miss an article or something he didn't say the game was better or worse.

  • Aboveridge

    My bad, i meant to reply to the comment under mine haha not make a whole new comment

  • Kyle Morgan

    Except Bioshock: Infinite was actually good and not complete crap.

  • Daniel


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