Now You're Talking My Language: 110oz Cocktail Shaker

May 2, 2013


This is the $50 Sasquatch cocktail shaker from HomeWetBar. It can mix up to 110-ounces of booze at a time. For reference, that's one really big-ass drink. Did somebody say margaritas? Somebody better have. Plus when you order thing you have the option to have it custom engraved with something like 'New Years Eve Party 2014' or 'The Cocktail that Killed the Geekologie Writer'. It's how I want to go.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots even though there's really no reason for them.



Thanks to ML, who agrees it's not the size of your shaker that matters, it's...okay now I'm being told the size of your shaker does actually matter.

  • Obuzome Ayadiuno

    I would love to have one. Visit for great and educative articles.

  • Andrew St. Andrew

    I want one. I'm sick of trying to put ice cubes in the bottle.

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