My Meat!: Boxer Briefs That Look Like A Butcher's Chart

May 24, 2013


Dare you to take your own leg off.

These are Butcher Briefs, a pair of men's boxer briefs that look like a butcher's chart. *shivers* The last thing I'd want is anybody trying to take cuts 17 and 18 while I'm wearing them. Granted even a slice of 17 could feed a medium sized village, but still -- peckers don't grow back like starfish tentacles.

Hit the jump in case you were wondering what they'd look like in black.


Thanks to Jared, who always yells, "You're cooking my meat!" if you turn the heat up too hot. Just kidding, that's my dad.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    "Oooohhhh, OUCH! Right in the 18,,,"

  • Dan

    Why do you say 'hit the jump' when there's no jump? The photo is right after the sentence.

  • Bobert

    well.. dont hit the jump then!

  • OrehRatiug

    Do you have an inability to read? He said "Hit the jump in case you were wondering what they'd look like in black". Then after hitting the jump, there is an image of them in black. And in case you are being a smart ass, the page on which the text appears is the front home page and the page on which the entirety of the article appears including the image in black is this page, or the second one so it is indeed a jump.

  • Dan

    Guitar Hero, I can read fine. I was viewing the article page (the very page on which these comments appear) when I was asked to hit the jump, but there is no jump. I never visited the home page.

    I think my point was lost. While I understand what they mean by a jump, I was trying to point out that the home page teaser (which is only there to increase ad views) should not be reused on the article page. It doesn't make sense, and could be considered lazy design. I know, not funny, and certainly not important. Just a stupid comment on my part.

  • Thaddeus Stevens

    Finally, I could use some help discerning the cuts myself, never mind the missus. Every inch of me looks like ricotta cheese in a plastic bag.

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