Mom Creates 2,000 Different Pop Art Napkin Drawings For Her Sons' Lunchboxes Over The Past Six Years

May 1, 2013


In other parenting gone right news, this is a handful of the some 2,000 napkins artist and mother Nina Levy has drawn for her sons Archer and Ansel's lunchboxes over the past six years. There's Batman, Star Wars, Garfield, Spider Man, Pokemon -- you name it. "Adult themes." No adult themes. As impressive as they all are (and they're all VERY impressive), I question their utility as an actual napkin. I feel like if I wiped my lips on those things I'd smear color all over my face, and I wouldn't know it until I got home and looked at myself in the mirror. So that's why all the kids on the bus were asking if I'd blown a rainbow.

Hit the jump for a bunch more, but head over to Nina's website for the entire collection.













Thanks to Meghan and fat piggie, who were cool with a torn paper towel.

  • MHezzu

    Also: It's OVER 2000!!

  • MHezzu


  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    Awesome mom is awesome... and she is extremely talented. :)

  • mewmix

    This is such a cool Mum!

  • sarah

    Original Article on this mom, artisit Nina Levy here:


    Unlike others saying she must be unemployed, she is actually a sculptor and so is her husband...featured in places like the Smithsonian...

  • sarah

    Love it

  • Enkidu98

    Going against the grain here and saying that, while on the surface this seems great, that it probably reveals a decent amount of psychological problems for the mother and impending ones for the boys.

    Our society is increasingly juvenile and catering to children to such an extent is unhealthy.

  • Moshugaani

    Serious respect for the effort! Surely made his lunch breaks more awesome!

  • Guest

    So is the kid names Ansel or Archer. Because if it's Archer then this mom's epicness level just went well over 9000!

  • Vic're doing it right!!

  • Guest

    That is awesome & really sweet.

  • I hope this site is preserved for many decades, so her kids know how much we envied them :)

  • Deksam

    if i was her i would have sold my creations to a napkin maker as well. then she's the cool rich mom. very talented, where ever did she find the time?

  • When nerds become moms, so awesome!

  • Deirdre Cochran

    Its not about the ink smearing on their little faces or any publicity that this mom receives(which should be a ton). Its all about how these boys felt when they opened their lunchbox everyday to find what their mom had created for them. Yes it might seem like time wasted to some. Who knows maybe she is a stay at home mom or whatever but again does it really matter. The smiles on childs faces always depends on your time. YOU GO MOM!!!

  • Matthew Mack

    Almost makes up for the hipster names she stuck them with.

  • Very adequately put

  • and the kid now has cancer, from the chemicals in the ink.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Snack packs. Way to go Mom!

  • That's bad ass

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